Cannons React to New Coach Steve Duffy

By Aly Morrissey |  12/1/11 3:25 PM

Cannons React to New Coach Steve Duffy

It was just another exciting day in a very busy Boston Cannons off-season, according to General Manager Kevin Barney. During a press call Wednesday, the MLL Champion Organization announced that Steve Duffy would take over as head coach of the Boston Cannons following a shocking October announcement that Bill Daye would be stepping down from his position at the helm.

Duffy, an Assistant Coach for the Boston Cannons for three years, is a Massachusetts native noted by players as bringing a “blue collar approach” to the team. Though several seasoned coaches were in the running for the coveted position, Duffy was selected for “the work and effort he put into this team over the past three years,” according to Barney.

“It was very easy to see that someone who has been with us for three years and is willing to work hard and sacrifice for our team was the right decision,” Barney said, adding that Duffy’s established relationship within the local community was also a benefit for the team.

Duffy, supported by the Cannons Front Office, also passed the litmus test for the players. Cannons' staples Paul Rabil, Mitch Belisle and Matt Poskay all expressed their support Wednesday.

“He’s been around us for a long time and knows what makes us tick both individually and as a team,” said Cannons defenseman Mitch Belisle. “He knows what it takes to win so he already has that blueprint down and has that foundation. That, combined with the relationship he has with us, will be a great start and will help us achieve our ultimate goal as MLL Champions.”

Attackman Matt Poskay also endorsed Duffy, pointing to his hard work with the Cannons. “He took a blue-collar approach to the position and that’s kind of our approach anyway. I think one thing that helps is that we’re not a rebuilding team, we’re just a reloading team and we’re as excited as he is to get the spring over with and get into the summer.”

Paul Rabil, who worked closely with former Head Coach Bill Daye last year on the road to the MLL Championships, said he’s looking forward to working with Duffy in the same capacity.

“I’m ready to keep the wheels in motion and get on the phone with Duff when this is all said and done and talk about the next steps. The pipelines between the captains and coaching staff have worked well in this organization and that’s the next thing I’m looking forward to. This is great, now we just need to start building momentum for 2012.”

First up for Duffy will be the 2012 MLL Expansion Draft, which will take place Wednesday, December 7. The Cannons have the 11th pick and Duffy says he’s prepared to take the lead.  

“It’s not something that I’m jumping into now; it’s something we’ve all been working on the last few months. We were MLL Champions last year with a 9-3 record and we hope to get some of our guys back.”

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